Nov 25, 2015

Gerry Thurston in Sydney!

From left: Gerry, me

From left: Jerry, me, Gerry
I met Gerry Thurston in Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I originally met Gerry in Calgary when I was pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Theatre at the University of Calgary. He was a great teacher/mentor.  I was still single that time and I did all sorts of crazy performing arts (e.g., throwing boiled eggs toward audience, performing in my red bikini and goggles, performing in naked, etc...) with my drama friends. Gerry was always warm and encouraging whatever the craziest things me and my drama friends did. (and he encouraged us to do more!)

Apparently, Gerry has a sister who has been living in Australia for 40 years and he has been visiting her several times. 

It is 2015 and it's been 10 years after I left Calgary. I never imagined that I would see him again in Sydney!  The time I spent with Gerry was a treasure for me.

As I was talking to Gerry, all the nice memories I had in Calgary was coming back to me.  I remembered about my wonderful friends, Kathleen Foreman, Michael Green, Eric Moscopedis, Cedric Jamet, Samuel, Koichi Kimono, Mariko Ota, etc....  What a lovely time and friends I had in Calgary!!!!  

Gerry came to my Graduate Exhibition where I studied Interior Design course at the Design Centre Enmore, Sydney TAFE. I saw Gerry's friend, Jerry, too.  I was very busy before this exhibition and had many sleepless nights - I look quite tired in the photos, I must admit!

Graduate exhibition 2015 - Design Centre Enmore, Sydney TAFE

On 25 and 26 November 2015, the graduate exhibition was held at Design Centre Enmore, Sydney TAFE.  In interior design exhibition space, 4 kinds of interior design students (Bachelor of interior design, Advanced diploma of interior design, Diploma of interior design, Diploma of interior decoration) presented their works. 


Nov 24, 2015

Methods3 - Stair design

For my DESIGN METHODS 3 class, I designed a staircase. 


Digital communication - Portfolio

For DIGITAL COMMUNICATION class, I designed my square shaped portfolio (Width 245mm x Height 235mm).  I selected 5 best projects I've done since I started the course. I used Photoshop and InDesign to organise my portfolio. It is . 

Methods3, Pro3 - Process diary

For DESIGN METHODS 3 class, I made a process diary on staircase design. This shows how I came up with my stair design for Methods 3, Project 2 - Stair design assignment (Click HERE to see my stair design).