May 11, 2016

Cheap $25 Acupuncture in Sydney / シドニーでお安く$25で鍼治療を受ける方法

My hubby and I had acupuncture in Sydney. It was only $25 per person!!! Amazing price! 

A good friend of mine from Design Centre Sydney TAFE had told me, and she strongly recommended me about this. So, I've decided to give a try. I must confess, both my hubby and myself were a bit nervous to get acupuncture treatment by a non-professional. In fact, we tried to book a staff practitioner appointment first. But this was all booked until June (about a month to wait) and we didn't want to wait that long. 

So, we decided to have a student intern treatment. The booking was very easy. We called on the day we wanted to have the treatment, but no problem to book it on the time we wanted. 

I got a cute young female Chinese student, Sumin. My hubby got a male Chinese student in his 50s' or so. 

As this was the first time to visit the clinic, I was asked to fill out 2 pages of form, first. Based on the form, Sumin asked more questions. Soon, Sumin identified the locations of my pain: lower back, shoulders, neck, and wrist. The main difference between the staff practitioners and student interns is that students have to consult with their supervisors before performing any acupuncture treatment.  It was fine with me for Sumin to go out a few times to talk to her supervisor before she started any needle work on me. I felt safer that way. 

I got total 16 needles. 13 needles on my neck, shoulders, lower back area, and 3 more needles on my wrist. The needles were very thin ones--nothing like my sewing needles!! I felt slight pain each time Sumin put needle on me, but nothing major. I asked Sumin if Chinese acupuncture was different from Japanese one. Sumin explained that Chinese  one goes a bit dipper than Japanese one. (and yes, I remember that I hardly felt any pain at all when I was getting Japanese acupuncture before) 

The needles were left on my back about 20 minutes. Sumin remove them once, and then, put 3 more needles on my wrist. and meanwhile, Sumin gave me a remedial massage on my back - to be precise, they call this type of massage with another name, but I forgot what it was called.  Sumin used an oil, which had some Chinese herb (that suppose to increase the blood circulation on my back).  

Both my hubby and myself had nearly 1.5 hours of treatment -- just for $25! This was really amazing. 

For your info, I'm in my private healthcare (Top Extra plan from nib). But they don't accept nib (and 3-4 other private healthcare. Sorry, I forgot which ones). So, no deduction, but I can't complain if it is $25!!  

After the treatment, my shoulders felt much lighter. It felt really good. 

My hubby on the other hand, was so relaxed after the treatment. He was soooo relaxed and almost doopy - as if he smoked some dope. I wondered if the needles unlocked not only his tense physical muscle, but also his stress? He was a bit doozy about an hour. So, I wouldn't recommend anybody to drive afterward. 

Below are more detailed info that I copied and pasted from their web site:

- TUE:
8:00am- 12:00pm : Cong Xing Yang
1:00pm - 6:00pm : Mary Garvey

8:00am - 12:00pm: Carolyn Michaeil
1:00pm - 6:00pm: Nancy Morgan

- FRI:
8:00am -12:00pm : Heiji Cho
1:00pm - 6:00pm : Chris Zaslawski

- MON: 8:00am - 6:00pm
- WED: 8:00am - 6:00pm

UTS provides three outpatient clinics where the UTS community and members of the public can receive Chinese medicine treatment from qualified staff practitioners or student interns at a substantially reduced cost, as part of its degree program:
- UTS Acupuncture Clinic
- UTS Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic
- UTS Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage Clinic

An initial appointment is often one hour (60 minutes) in length. This includes a consultation about your health, well being and presenting problem as well as treatment. Treatment may include the use of other allied treatment modalities (such as massage, cupping and gua sha) in addition to acupuncture but this depends upon your presenting problem and health concerns. Subsequent consultations and treatment take approximately 45 minutes.

UTS Chinese Medicine Clinic
Building 4, Science (CB04)
Level 1 (CB04.01)
Corner of Harris and Thomas St 
(opposite ABC Ultimo Centre on Harris St)

02 9514 2509

Click here to see UTS Chinese Medicine Clinic web site 









UTS Chinese Medicine Clinic
Building 4, Science (CB04)
Level 1 (CB04.01)
Corner of Harris and Thomas St 
(opposite ABC Ultimo Centre on Harris St)

02 9514 2509

Click here to see UTS Chinese Medicine Clinic web site 

May 10, 2016

Free hair dressing services in Sydney / シドニーでヘアカットモデルになり無料で髪の毛をカットしてもらう方法

My husband doesn't like spending a lot of money on his hair cut. So, we searched, and found this wonderful place! You can get a wash and hair cut for FREE!! The place is called The Australian College Broadway. They are located very close to the Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney. Below are the price list:
うちの旦那さんは髪のカットに沢山のお金をかけるのが嫌なタイプで・・。どこか安くカットしてもらえるところ無いかなーと探したら、ありました!美容院の学校(The Australian College Broadway) で、ヘアカットモデルを募集してました!場所はシドニーのブロードウェイショッピングセンターのすぐ近くです。洗髪とヘアカットは無料です。下記が値段表です:

Below is the salon hours: 


Below is additional info for making a booking:


Click here to see the web site of The Australian College Broadway


Click here to download a PDF of the price list


Sounds great, isn't it? The only problem is that they are too popular! My husband called them on 8th of May, but the earliest booking he could make would be next month June!

ADDRESS: 87 Bay Street, Glebe NSW 2037
TEL: 9571-8288

May 4, 2016





商品名  :伝わっているか?
価格   :1,400円(税抜)
数量   :1
商品名  :すごいメモ。 仕事のスピード・質が劇的に上がる 人生を変える14メソッド
価格   :1,400円(税抜)
数量   :1

商品小計  :2,800円(税抜)
送料    :2,040円
請求金額  :4,840円(税抜)












なんとAmazonジャパンは「海外のGPO BOX(私書箱)には配達出来ない」のだー!!!
(そんな大事なこと最初の段階で教えて欲しかった・・。Amazonの海外配達の注意事項のどこを見ても、そんなこと一言も書いてないし・・。うちのアパートは事情があって荷物を安全に受け取れないので、GPO BOX(私書箱)で荷物を受け取るようにしてます






May 3, 2016

シドニーで差し歯を歯列矯正: ワイヤーが取れたよ!/ Orthodontic braces on my crowns removed!


My orthodontic braces have been finally removed! So easy to eat any food without worrying about stucked food on my wires & brackets! I'm re-discovering how easy to clean my teeth without the brackets, too!

シドニーで差し歯の歯列矯正:差し歯矯正と危ない金属 / Dangerous metal in crowns







Suite 2, Level 6
377-383Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

PHONE: 02 9264 8007





I double-checked my old email and noticed some info in this clip was not accurate. 

(X) 'My Japanese crowns were made of amalgam. It will be 6¢ to sell'

(O) 'My Japanese crowns were made of 40% of palladium, 30% of silver, and other substance. It will be AU$10 to sell'

Palladium is not as bad as amalgam, but it may be carcinogenic.

シドニーで差し歯を歯列矯正: 矯正装置を外した後に付けるリテイナーの使い方 / Orthodontic work for crowns and ...

歯列矯正が終わり、ワイヤーやブラケットは外れました。下の前歯六本には歯の裏側にワイヤーが装着され、歯並びが元に戻らないようになってます。  裏側なので外からは見えないけど。上の歯は寝る時だけリテイナーを装着します。リテイナーは透明なマウスピースのようなものです。

My orthodontic braces have come off last week. I've got a hidden thin wire at the back of my 6 lower front teeth to keep the straight teeth. On my upper teeth, I wear my retainer at night when I go to sleep. The retainer is a clear mouth piece to keep my teeth straight.