May 10, 2016

Free hair dressing services in Sydney / シドニーでヘアカットモデルになり無料で髪の毛をカットしてもらう方法

My husband doesn't like spending a lot of money on his hair cut. So, we searched, and found this wonderful place! You can get a wash and hair cut for FREE!! The place is called The Australian College Broadway. They are located very close to the Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney. Below are the price list:
うちの旦那さんは髪のカットに沢山のお金をかけるのが嫌なタイプで・・。どこか安くカットしてもらえるところ無いかなーと探したら、ありました!美容院の学校(The Australian College Broadway) で、ヘアカットモデルを募集してました!場所はシドニーのブロードウェイショッピングセンターのすぐ近くです。洗髪とヘアカットは無料です。下記が値段表です:

Below is the salon hours: 


Below is additional info for making a booking:


Click here to see the web site of The Australian College Broadway


Click here to download a PDF of the price list


Sounds great, isn't it? The only problem is that they are too popular! My husband called them on 8th of May, but the earliest booking he could make would be next month June!

ADDRESS: 87 Bay Street, Glebe NSW 2037
TEL: 9571-8288

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