Apr 22, 2016

Tote bag (Grey linen, Patchwork) / トートバッグ(グレー、リネン、パッチワーク)

I made a tote bag! I went to a park and took this photo on a wooden table.

The plastic snap buttons at the centre of this bag is very handy! The buttons will keep the bag closed while carrying, but it is easy and quick to open whenever you wanna open the bag.


Back of the bag is grey. Lining is red. 


  • Outside the bag: Linen 100%. (Both grey fabric at the back and the colourful patchwork on the front).
  • Lining: Red cotton 100%. 
  • Snap buttons: Plastic. Black matte.


  • バッグ外側:リネン100%(バッグ後ろのグレーの布も、表のカラフルなパッチワークもリネンです)。
  • 裏地:コットン100%。
  • スナップボタン:プラスチック。マットな質感のブラック。

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