Jun 18, 2016

Sydney Film Festival - Oyster Factory

 PHOTO - From the left:
Soda-san (director), me, my hubby, Kyoko-San (producer/wife of the director) 

Selfy by Soda-san

Q & A session. From left: my hubby, Soda-san.

An inspiring documentary film 'Oyster Factory' (directed by Japanese director, Kazuhiro Soda) was shown at the Sydney Film Festival today. I've been a big fan of his films and I loved this new film again! 

After the film, there was a Q & A session with the director. My hubby hosted it on stage.  

This lovely couple Soda-san and Kyoto-san had worked with our common actor/dancer friend, Tsuyoshi. I'm amazed with how a small world we are living in! I'm so happy to be able to connect different dots to make new friends today. [Tsuyoshi and I performed in a theatre piece 'Dead Cat Bounce' in Tokyo, which was directed by Chris Kondekin.  (More info on Dead Cat Bounce is found in my old post here)



この素敵な想田監督とキョウコ夫人と、うちの旦那くんと私には共通の友人「ツヨシさん」がおりまして・・・。本当に世の中狭いと言うか、ご縁って本当に不思議です。ツヨシさんとは東京で 'Dead Cat Bounce' という劇で、以前ご一緒させていただきました(Chris Kondekin監督演出). (劇の詳細はこちらの以前のリンクで読めます)

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