Jan 10, 2015

TOM organic ultra thin sanitary pads / オーガニック生理ナプキン

I've been using this TOM organic ultra thin pads. I love this charming watercolour paint package design. The package states: "The average woman uses thousands of sanitary pads in her lifetime, so it's reassuring to know that TOM Organic pads are made from the purest organic cotton on earth, free from chemicals, bleaches and genetic modification.  All of our cotton is certified organic and is grown and and harvested using sustainable forming practices which means our products are great for your body and great for our planet." Compare to other non-organic pads, this product is a bit pricy--$7.21/ten pads. I used to use non-organic tampons--and I often had severe clamps. Sometimes I had to take painkiller because my clamps were so terrible.  Since I switched to this organic pads, I have been having far less clamps.  I highly recommend this.