Dec 7, 2015

D'vine organics dressing - Lemon roast garlic dressing

I sold my handmade sewing products at the Brewery Yard Markets on Sunday, 6th December 2016.  The ladies who had a stall (D'vine Organics) next to me were selling organic salad dressing and jams. After the market was over, the stall owners said "I don't wanna carry all the heavy products back. Please enjoy this at home!" and gave me 3 bottles of dressing. It was very kind of them. 

My hubby and me made a greek salad tonight and used their 'Lemon roast garlic dressing'. It was just so beautiful taste and we absolutely loved it. We will make a lot of salad for a while so that we can use this yummy dressing!!  

Ingredients: White wine vinegar, olive oil, wear, roasted garlic (3%), raw sugar, french mustard, lemon oil (0.2%), salt, pepper, vegetable gum xanthan). It is Australian certified organic product.  230ML.